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Thread: A mod?

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    Default A mod?

    Is anyone actually working on this mod? I came to this site hoping to learn how to mod with this exact game in mind, so imagine my excitement at seeing it a sub-section of the mod forums. But the lack of threads has dampened my spirits. :(

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    it happened the same to me but i have a idea why we don't make the mod
    im a expert on warcraft history and i know a litle of mapping if we want make a mod we must search for people who really wants warcraft and total war games

    pd: sorry for my bad english y speak spanish

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    I must learn how to make models then if you can make maps :-P This would be an awesome mod to make. Stick around, I would need to find a good tuturial and that might take awhile, especially with the Holidays so near.

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    Yes but M2TW models are so diferents than Warcraft one so modeling is the hardest part
    So we need experts in modeling
    In this thread was a warcraft mod in developement but it deads because the leader leaves we can ask them to use they progress to take ideas from it like the division of regions
    I don' t own a copy of M2TW but i will do today

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