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    When the romans have eagles lost in battle we are informed that they have been sent to a specific city.

    When however that particular city is captured by the romans there is no indication that the eagles have been re-taken. There is also no visible honour and prestige attached to the general who recovers them.

    Do the eagles get moved from city to city or is it just that no emphasis has been placed on the capture of the lost eagles?

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    Default Re: Lost Eagles

    I'm not sure about EB, but in vanilla you had to kill the enemy general that stole the eagle to get it back.

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    Yes i am refering to EB. If it was not a consideration in EBI, i just thought it might be worth thinking about for EBII,

    For to quote Tacitus, Annals, BookII :-

    'At the close of the year was consecrated an arch near the temple of Saturn to commemorate the recovery of the standards lost with Varus, under the leadership of Germanicus.'

    Don't mean to be akward just hope it helps in some way!!!

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    Default AW: Lost Eagles

    You could actually lose and recover eagles?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Centurio Nixalsverdrus View Post
    You could actually lose and recover eagles?
    IIRC, yes. at least before 1.0-I haven't lost one since...
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    Does this still works in EB? Sounds QUITE interesting
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    Yes eagles were lost and re-captured and was seen as a great honour to re-take eagles from the enemies of Rome, to quote from 'The Deeds of The Divine Augustus, which was inscribed on his mausoleum:-

    'I recoverered from Spain, Gaul, and Dalmatia the many military standards lost through other leaders'

    'I compelled the Parthians to return to me the spoils and standards of three Roman armies'

    'Furthermore i placed those standards in the sanctuary of the temple of Mars Ultor'

    So the the lost Roman standards seem to been revered almost as religeous relics, that needed to be brought home.

    I believe it was Marius around 107 BC who introduced the eagle to the legions, so the concept is in the time frame of EB.

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    Default Re: Lost Eagles

    i never realised this could be done, probably because i've never even been close to getting the marian reforms

    anither reason why EB is the most awesome game i have ever played


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