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    Hey guys. Just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. I am 14 years old.I own a PS3 and I have RTW and MTW but MTW stopped working for me so I went back to Rome and started download mods to see want they were like. So far I have tried RTR and Spqr and I am downloading EB. If anyone knows any really good mod please tell me.

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    Hello Caesar1994, welcome to the guild.

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    Hello, welcome to the guild my friend
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    Welcome to the Org!

    I'll recommend the Extended Greek Mod (XGM)
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    Welcome, caesar1994. Good to see you here.
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    Hey Caesar! Welcome to the org!

    Although I never played it my self, I heard that Blue Lotus mod is quite good.

    Also check out the Asia ton Barbarorum which is currently being constructed in the EB forum

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    Rise of Peria is also good, it's at total war center.
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