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    After finally getting EB to work on my computer, I start to play ot for a while. Then out of nowhere, i get this message say "Rome total war is now working right now" or something like that and it exits out of my game. This happens totally at random. Sometimes im playing for an hour, sometimes I haven't even gotten to the main menu. This only works on single player and when i play vanilla rome it works just fine.


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    You could have been more precise in your error description. Also, you need to find some sort of pattern if we are to find a fault in the mod. So far I'm suspecting your hardware.
    * Download Memtest (google it) and leave it running overnight as you sleep. If it finds no fault during this time, your chips are good.
    * Run a surface test of your hard drive with Scandisk (standard Windows tool). It is time-consuming, so overnight may be a good choice here too. You cannot do this at the same time as Memtest.
    * Upgrade your video drivers. Downgrade your video drivers. Run EB in windowed mode and without movies.
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