Roman_Man#3 is proud to present to you:
Megas Alexandros - Open Beta Release

Heaven cannot brook two suns, nor earth two masters.
-Alexander the Great

'Megas Alexandros' is a modification for 'Rome: Total War - Alexander' (V 1.9). The purpose of the 'Megas Alexandros Open Beta' is to give a better play experience over vanilla 'Alexander' and to get some feedback on balancing the mod in general. The mod features all the factions from 'Alexander' with another one added to the campaign, the Kingdoms of India, ruled by Porus.

'Megas Alexandros Open-Beta' includes:

  • 7 factions, including one new one: Macedon, Illyria, Thrace, Scythia, Dahae, India, and Persia.
  • An all new map, graciously given to us by the Rise of Persia team. A definite improvement over 'Alexander'.
  • New music from Arcus Lux created by Jones King.
  • New loading screens done by Greve Af Göteborg and other 2d art done by myself.
  • New buildings, such as Persian Treasuries and the Authority of Alexander, both to provide gameplay improvements and to stop you from having to exterminate.
  • And much more.

Please Note: 'Megas Alexandros Open-Beta' is as it's name implies, still a beta. While having excellent beta-testers in Magister Equitum and Legio Caesar, there is nothing like having a whole community testing something. The mod is relatively stable, but there are no guarantees about crashes. There may still remain a CTD with something to do with the city of Sfard, but I am working on fixing that. All that aside, I hope you find the mod enjoyable to play and will stick around for the future.

The Mod is in a self contained modfolder, so there is no spillage and no overwriting to be done. This mod is compatible with any other mod as long as it is contained in a modfolder as well.

Download Links (90 MB)

Installation Instructions
1. Make sure that you have a clean (ie. unmodded) copy of the Alexander expansion, and it is patch 1.9. To check, run the game, click on options, and see what it says in the top right of the screen.

2. Run the installer, and follow the instructions.

3. When the installer is finished, click on the desktop shortcut to start the game, and enjoy.

I would like to thank:

The Creative Assembly for making this excellent game and giving us the ability to mod it.

The modding community for all the tutorials and tools that have been released to the public, and always being there to help with problems.

The Rise of Persia Team, including Kasetuh and Spurius for making the great map and allowing me to use and abuse it.

Aradan, Makanyane, and dvk901 for acting as mentors for me, motivating me, and helping with any problems I've had. Could not have got anywhere near this point without their feedback and help. Also kudos to Aradan for helping me build the installer.

The betatesters Magister Equitum and Legio Caesar for providing excellent feedback and error reports.

Keravnos for his excellent help with Greek history and ironing out map accuracy.

Rez for doing the same but for Persia.

Econ21 for letting me use his Alexander: Nice and Slow Mini-mod

Barbarossa82 for letting me use parts of his Alexander Reborn mod.

The Blind King of Bohemia for letting me use parts of his BKB Alexander Mini-mod.

Jones King for releasing the excellent Arcus Lux series for free use in mods. It really adds an atmosphere to the mod.

Greve Af Göteborg for his Gold Loading Screens release.

RedFox for helping to bring this closed-edition of Megas Alexandros to life.

The Fourth Age: Total War and Roma Surrectum Teams and Mods for giving me lots of influence and ideas on how to make a mod.

Past Members of MA: Tigger_T, Sigma, and Izildur specifically, gave me ideas and a lot of historical information.

Johhny Shumate for making some excellent drawings of Hellenistic soldiers, one of which I used in the mod.

Everyone else who helped Megas Alexandros. If I forgot to mention you, please give me a smack on the head so I remember to add you in.