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    Hello :D

    I got a problem with EB. I Installed it Correctly, in the right Folder. I Installed the 1.1 Version + 1.2 Mod in C:/THeCreativeAssembly/Rome total War. But when i launch EB; Its the Vanilla Game who launches Itself. I Got the RTW Gold Version. What should i DO ?

    Thanks For your help :D

    Ps : And sorry for my poor english =-=

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    Yes that's a known problem for people who didn't install the Trivial Script: the Installer fails to create correct shortcuts.

    Luckily this is easily fixed:
    1. Go to the folder which contains the shortcut which is supposed to launch EB
    2. Right click that shortcut
    3. Select Properties
    4. On the "Target" line add "-mod:eb" (without the quotes) on the very end. Make sure there is a single space between any preceeding character; and make sure you do not put this inside any quote marks. Optionally add "-show_err" (done in the exact same fashion) to this target line; it may be able to point you towards causes of certain CTD's and failures to load the game: only applies to people who mod EB or use unofficial mods.
      Optionally add "-ne" (again, done in the exact same fashion) to this target line; it should help you with switching back and forth between RTW and other windows as well as enable you to run RTW/EB in low resolutions without taking the full screen.
    5. Apply/Save the change.
    6. Exit the properties menu.
    7. Test.
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