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    Is there a hot key for soldiers to unleash javelins? I use fire at will mode for my infantry that have them but they seem very picky about when they will actually throw them. Lots of times I have to keep maneuvering them around to find a certain distance or spot where they will actually throw them. If I left click once on an enemy they will usually only throw one round than charge. Can anyone help me out with my javelin tactics?

    Edit: I probably should have put this in the game guides section, sorry.
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    Some troops will only throw a single volley before charging, I believe such troops have the ability "throws missles before charging" in their description. These are units like Legionaries and other similar troop types, Gallo-thracian infantry, Triballi, etc. Skirmishers and other purpose-built javelin throwers will throw all their javelins after one click, and won't charge when they are empty.

    If you want these troops to throw all their javelins you can click the enemy, then tell the unit to stop right after they toss that volley, and click again. Repeat until their supply of javelins is exhausted. It's a bit irritating to manage but it works, and these troops don't normally have many javelins to throw anyway.
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    They won't fire if they could hit their own troops. If you want dedicated javelin-men to fire upon targets of your choice, use Peltastai (or any other javelin unit with the word "missile" in the description- as opposed to "fires missile before charging").
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    For the most part, I save my skirmishers and use them to hit the enemy in the back with javelins. Roman Heavy infantry on the other should be set to fire at will.
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