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Thread: Yahoo Messenger password problem

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    Default Yahoo Messenger password problem

    Here's the deal.
    I changed my Messenger password and I lost it. Lovely ain't it?
    The problem is, how do I recover it? My account has been made 6 years ago when I was "underage" and I forgot absolutely everything. No point in going to Yahoo to ask for the password.

    Does anyone know any programs which recover the password?
    I really need help! Please help!

    Thank you.
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    Default Re: Yahoo Messenger password problem

    Probably not since any other way to actually get it will probably involve nefarious and illegal ways
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    Default Re: Yahoo Messenger password problem

    Well sorry, edyz, but any such "other way around" kind of information to be revealed would be harmful in certain ways we'd really like not to have advised here.



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