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Thread: An idea: Earthsea Total War

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    Default An idea: Earthsea Total War

    I have no experience with modding at all, and never thought I would do this, so first,
    if anyone is already working on a mod for the Earthsea trilogy, or would very soon
    please let me know so I dont do all this for nothing.

    If noone is making this mod or etc., please direct me to some good tutorials, so I can atleast get somewhere into it.
    By the way if someone is making this or is going to, I thank you, for this is an awesome idea, for Earthsea is an archipelago, and it will be a mjor sea-faring campaign.
    I'm guessing all factions will want the mainland, Havnor.

    Well, thank-you for taking the time to read this.

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    Default Re: An idea: Earthsea Total War

    oh please move this to mod development, I'm sorry about that.
    Also, because of dragons, magic(I might be able to make it with seige weapon engines),
    and the variation of a million factions, will cause this to probably be a few centuries
    the original events of earthsea. But if possible, I will make this in the time of Ged,
    and his adventures, or atleast around that time.


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