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    I've noticed when I am playing a battle with reinforcements, even when I toggle off the AI control before the battle, my reinforcements still come in controlled by the AI.

    It's happened in my last three battles, and it's almost ruined each one. My six-star general with a gold chevron was killed after charging a wall of pikemen because the AI is retarded. I've tested it a little, and no matter which way I leave the control, the AI always does so. I know I have enough room on my unit card below to fit in the amount of units I want to bring in, so whats going on?

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    Once you have toggled the AI aid off DO NOT view your enemy's unit list. If you do the game will use the default option (AI control on) whether you have checked the box or not.
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    If you right-click on the enemy army to get a detailed picture of what you will be fighting the game set your units to ai-control.
    To avoid this bug just turn ai-control on then off again before starting the battle.

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    IIRC it's the leader of the reinforcement army that makes the difference.

    Captain: You gain control over the army once it reaches the battlefield.
    FM/General: It's pretty useless to toggle the AI off cause the FM/General leads the army himself.
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    Lightbulb Re: Reinforcements

    It's not an EB bug: it's also present in vanilla R:TW. There is no fix available, but you can find a work-around in this topic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slartibartfa▀ View Post
    FM/General: It's pretty useless to toggle the AI off cause the FM/General leads the army himself.
    Yes, the first time you load a battle, the general will usually lead the reinforcement army, especially if the general is a client ruler. The chances of that seem to be random. But if you quit the battle you have loaded and reload, the reinforcement general is guaranteed not to lead the army himself, which is what I do to work around this bug. This bug was never really a problem for me.

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    But to be honest I dont know what the story is with this silly reinforcement thing. Someone in another thread said that when your backup doesnt get there is your graphic card telling you it cant keep up with all the units but i have had 3 units only on screen and they never get there. IF and only IF they make it they are either LATE or they just come into the battlefield as slowly as they can. Crappy thing this reinforcement issue is.
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    I had some the other day during a bridge battle, just stand therev whilst my main, relatively small force tried to hold the bridge They didn't and got flattened, and it was only once the enemy had crossed the bridge that the AI did anything -.-

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    I believe that the behaviour of reinforcements depends to a considerable degree on how big your armies are unit-wise. The engine does not allow for player to control more than 20 units. Therefore if the total of your armies is less than 20 units, you can control both and the reinforcements will likely arrive on time. If the total is more than 20 units, reinforcements will be either delayed (apparentely waiting whether some of your units would not be killed or routed to lower the total under 20 units again) or controlled by the AI.
    I usually play with only half-stack armies - it makes the battles more interesting - and in those rare cases where there were my reinforcements I was therefore ALWAYS able to control both of my armies.


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