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Thread: Army Popping Up Randomly and CTD

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    I am playing a Romani campaign right now. Recently, after I loaded my Romani save, there is always a Romani army the appears out of nowhere next to Aventicos.

    The problem most likely originally started when I lost Aventicos randomly. The Aedui besieged it and the next turn they immediately took it over and my army stationed there disappeared, there was no battle or anything. Later, after I exited and reloaded, the army that was originally there is now standing next to Aventicos.

    If I click on that army, it CTDs. If the enemy attacks the army (which they do), it CTDs. I am stuck here, because if I end my turn, it will CTD when they attack, but I can't disband, move, or do anything to make it disappear.

    I have both 1.2 fixes installed, checked the validation and nothing except for the forced diplomacy mod was added/different, and looked around on the forums and found nothing like this (recently at least).

    Here is the save file if you need it:

    Any help would be much appreciated. I hope its not because the save file has gone corrupt, I have already lost two campaigns before this, one to random CTD and another to me being stupid and deleting it on accident.

    EDIT: I tried going back to a previous save, but another random army pops up. This one with a random Roman FM, a unit of African Elite Pikeman, and a couple of random Gallic units... ><
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    As your problems are connected to a given army, you can teleport it away to some remote island where it can't interact with anything. See the frequent issues for help with move_character.

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