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Thread: why arent crusaders and the byz coming???

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    Default why arent crusaders and the byz coming???

    im playing turkey on vh/h and ive taken jerusalem when its still rebel. ive tried everything i can to make the byz and egypt start a war against me, such as making and breaking alliances and giving outrageous demands to them. It worked in my milanese camp. against venice, allying and cancelling, provoking venice to attack my capital. but it wont work here in turkey. 16turns in the game and nothing, despite abysmal relations and despicable rep. and why isnt pope coming to crusade? ive had the same problem as egypt, except the pope called the crusade but no one joined. oh btw on egypt i was playing m/m. My version is 1.0. HOw do crusaders come anyways? by land or by sea?

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    Default Re: why arent crusaders and the byz coming???

    The Crusading forces always tries to cross by the Hellespont. My method for preventing this is to put my ship on the crossing point and therefore prevent them to cross, but you obviously want them to come... guess you'll just have to wait till Gregory feels like it, its normally Antioch or Jersulame.
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    Default Re: why arent crusaders and the byz coming???

    16 turns is not that long. But the crusade is probably coming, I almost always see one by turn 30. But in my current Byz campaign its turn 45 and no Crusade, yet. There was one Jihad on Jerusalem, and now the moors have it.

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    Default Re: why arent crusaders and the byz coming???

    arouind turn 20 the crusade took jerusalem in my campaign and around turn 29 a jihad was called. patience


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