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Thread: Problems under the spanisch sun

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    Default Problems under the spanisch sun

    Many times if not always my game shuts down when i enter in realtime battle in the region of Carpetania and Lusitania. in the case of Lusitania only when i am close to the capital. When this happens i get a message from windows ''Rome total war does not work anymore''. It happend to my playing as Carthage and now as Rome. I even tried bouth versions of RTW for EB (Activision 3 cd-rom version and now Sega DVD). But the problem still happens. So for the moment i have to do something i really hate as i play EB, and that's fighting these battle automaticly instead of fighting them in real time. And the result to many casulties. And that's not good if you use the kind of strategy as i doe.

    I wonder if it happens because i use Vista instead XP.
    So can anyone help me?
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    Default Re: Problems under the spanisch sun

    Hmmm, this should go into the "EB Bug Reports and Technical Help" section. What version of EB do you have? 1.2? Have you gotten the EB 1.1/1.2 Fixes? I actually have this problem myself, as I get pretty much not CTDs except when I load battles in Iberia. There, I have about 50% chance of getting a CTD. So, it is not Vista that's probably causing the problems. So anyway, get the 1.2 fixes here or wait for bovi, the EB bug hunter and problem solver.

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    Default Re: Problems under the spanisch sun

    when i first installed 1.2 everything was running smoothe (VISTA) ... no ctd at all ... but since i had to install it again ... nearly every 3-4 round there is a ctd ... but only when a battle is loading .. but i get used to it .. just save gaming

    maybe try new installation

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    Default Re: Problems under the spanisch sun

    The missing sprites fix should eliminate this. Those who still have the problem, could you please list the units involved in the battle (both yours and enemy)?

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