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    I am currently downloading EB, on a very slow computer.. I hope it works!

    I would like to know if there is a site upon the internet where I might find recordings of reconstructed Hellenic Music - or any ancient music in general.
    I have very diverse, if outdated preferences - Django Reinhardt, Franz List, anonymous mediaeval pieces - Spanish classical guitar..

    But I am very interested to hear the music of the ancient Hellenic period.
    I have no quote, but I have read that in Platon's time, the audience of a performance was kept silent and still under threat of being hit with a staff.
    If this is true - I can understand it - for music seems to have been a new language by which philosophy could be taught. In some cases. So that one would simply allow his mind to be bent and persuaded by the notes - not his feet, and it would be imperative that he remain physically still.

    Could someone make a recommendation?

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    Default Re: Hellenic Music

    What you say is correct, though I'm not 100% sure if it was Platon's time. Either that or before him anyway.

    You see, back then music wasn't considered something you use to please the ear or the masses, but something you do to please your soul. The reason why the audience was beaten, was so that they wouldn't interfere with the mathematically harmonical melodies that where played. Those melodies where not always nice to the ear, mind you, but those who wrote that kind of music said that the ear can be misleading.

    Now in later times, like in the Hellenistic Era, music became something universal, something with which they pleased their ears and the masses. Many Odeia (music theatres) have been found across the Hellenistic world, with the greatest poleis having great building complexes that could house grand orchestrats and multiple playing bands. As you see, from that time and afterwards (it seems), music changed it's role in contrary to the Classical or pre-Classical Era.



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