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Thread: Getai vistory condition.

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    Default Getai vistory condition.

    Hi first of all thanks for the great mod I really am enjoying it.
    But I ran into some problem I cound find anything about it in the Faq or somewhere else so I was forced to post this maybe nubish question.

    I am playing as the Getai Nice VC because I dont have to slaughter anybody
    But It also says I have to build a building called "Koganoion" I could only find the the mountain monument with a similar name but it says build?
    I cound find it in the build tree or any AAR's reporting what it is. So if somebody could please help me with this problem.

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    Default Re: Getai vistory condition.

    I think it basically means "Don't destory it for cash", to represent the holiness of that mountain to the Getai.

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    Default Re: Getai vistory condition.

    Ok thanks for the answer


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