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Thread: EUROPEAN WARS - first preview (M2:TW)

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    Default EUROPEAN WARS - first preview (M2:TW)

    'European Wars' - a mod which takes us in 18th century century. It is an age of 'Empire: Total War' which was announced long time ago. There are 2 developing versions of this mod: for 'Rome: Total War' and 'Medieval 2: Total War'. After 'Empire TW' release, 'European Wars' will be a Realism-Mod for this game.

    It's a first units preview of "European Wars" mod on Medieval II Total War. Preview is historical, also very good about graphic side.
    I shave made heavy cavalry units (Cuirassiers and Elite Guards). For example: Prussian Cuirassiers, French Mousqetaires, Russian Life Guards and Polish Winged Hussars. As well preview include game's screens and many lots grenadier's hats to show. I want to say especially thanks for team Lordz (NTW2) and "Ogniem i Mieczem's" (With Fire and Sword) team for use parts of units.

    1. 3D UNITS:

    Poland - Winged Hussar:

    Poland - Cuirassier Guard:

    Poland - Trabant Guard:

    France - Mousquetaires de la Garde:

    France - Cuirassiers du Roi:

    France - Chevau-légers de la Garde:

    Schaumbourg-Lippe Carabinier:

    Denmark - Cuirassier & Guardsman:

    Prussia - Cuirassier & Officer of Cuirassiers:

    Austria - Cuirassier & Officer of Cuirassiers:

    Russia - Life Guard:

    Russia - Cuirassier & Guardsman:

    2. Bonus units:

    French Drummer i Highland Chieftain:

    Variety of 18th century soldiers hats:

    3. SCREENS (by Toboe):

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    Default Re: EUROPEAN WARS - first preview (M2:TW)

    Very nice, good luck wit your mod.

    But I have question. Is those screens edit in photoshop ?
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    Default Re: EUROPEAN WARS - first preview (M2:TW)

    Are those screens from the mod? If so very cool. It looks fantastic.
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    Default Re: EUROPEAN WARS - first preview (M2:TW)

    Beatiful screens.

    I am afraid that you accidentaly posted screens from Empire TW...

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    Default Re: EUROPEAN WARS - first preview (M2:TW)

    If those are in game pictures then I am going to mutilate my feat.
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    Default Re: EUROPEAN WARS - first preview (M2:TW)

    Is that ETW?
    If not then you have some awesome looking mod


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