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Thread: CTD upon battle start again

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    Default CTD upon battle start again

    After reading and re reading the forums, seem unable to sort out situations with EB 1.2 upon battle start. It crashes sometimes but not all teh time. It wont even run historical battles.
    I've tried using the Alexander Exe, edjusting vid settings down.
    Dang its just getting interesting too. the Selcuids and Egptians are kicking my ass. Plus my kid wants to record a battle for a 3rd grade history project about the Romans....eeek.

    If any 1 can point me to a post I would appreciate it. so I can sort this out.
    My rig:
    amd fx62
    7950 gx2
    4gb mem
    xp sp2
    I just reinstalled windows, updated all the drivers...any pointers appreciated.

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    Default Re: CTD upon battle start again

    At least you can make it to the main menu, lucky you!
    Try these fixes: You can also run the validation, which is located in the EB-folder

    Just being curious, but are you using RTW Gold(I am!)? I've heard that they have some issues about some missing pack/files, dunno exactly.
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    Default Re: CTD upon battle start again

    Weel I de installed the various copies of RTW. Now I am going to re install using a direct to drive version that I just bought. The RTW disk is so old it wont read any more. Plus the nocd version that I deleted had reg files laying around So I have wiped all of that and am starting with gold edition. Lets see if I can get it tow rok per your links...Or if I will have your troubles.


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