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Thread: Qarthadastim Victory conditions?

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    Smile Qarthadastim Victory conditions?


    I'm new to this mod - brilliant work by the way - and I'm near the end of my first campaign. I've conquered Iberia, Sicily and the Italian peninsular as per the map for the victory conditions and I hold all the various islands I started with plus my North African provinces and a few others. I noticed there is another territory or territories I need to hold in the east. I now hold Sidon but is there another city I need for final victory or something else I've missed?.

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    have you activated the script? if so, it'll detect when you held all the settlements and show you the victory screen; it'll pop out a turn after you've fulfilled all your VC's
    and also, the map for the Victory Conditions might be outdated for some factions, so for that you'll need to refer to your Faction Leader's trait, or click on the "?" button on the overviews scroll.

    and I notice it's your first post, welcome to the guild!

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    Thanks everyone - another 2 cities to get and more difficult now I'm having to contend with a seemingly endless procession of Makedonoan stacks


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