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Thread: City CTD After Capturing It

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    So while working on Megas Alexandros, I found a buggy city. It doesn't CTD right off the bat. When it's in enemy hands I can double-click it and see some of it's contents. I can capture it, with no CTD. But as soon as an army is in it and I try to open its menu, I get a CTD. I checked to make sure that there were no problems with buildings, and beyond that I don't really know what could be causing it.

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    If I understood correctly, the CTD appears after you capture the settlement and open up the construction menu?
    In that case, I suggest you take a look at hidden resources and special building construction conditionals in the EDB.

    The best bet though is to completely clear out the city and only leave the core building. Then try capturing it again and work from that. I know it's a slow approach, but it's the best way to figure out the bug...

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    Is it the construction or recruitment menu that is causing the problem? If it's the recruitment, then you have a trait with a entry that doesn't have a (correctly) matching entry in export_VnVs.txt.

    Easy test to see if its the above is to remove any family member/recruited generals from the army and try to open the city again.

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