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Thread: Citizens Arrest Bank Robber

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    Cool Citizens Arrest Bank Robber

    Shoppers nab bank robber

    I think [robbers] could probably pick softer targets in Sydney," Inspector Wayne McMahon told reporters outside the bank.

    "Out here, these people work hard for their money and they don't like seeing people take it and threaten staff."

    "It's a fantastic testament to the local people here of the Plumpton and Mount Druitt area that people wanted to get involved," Inspector McMahon said.

    A 20-year-old man from the Plumpton area is expected to be charged with robbery offences.

    "This is a serious matter. It constitutes an armed robbery," Inspector McMahon said.

    "Certainly in the minds of the staff here at the bank, the [man] was armed, and numerous passers-by believed that to be the case.

    "It was only after and upon his arrest they discovered he did not have a weapon in his custody."
    Some good news to come out of MD... the world does send up surprises now and then.
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    Default Re: Citizens Arrest Bank Robber

    I think it's a ridiculous infringement on human rights. Only sanctioned officers can ever carry out an arrest of a possible robber. It's ridiculous that people would step up and try to prevent this "breach" of the law by breaking the law and "arresting" this suspected "robber." Maybe those who arrested him are really the robbers of liberty?

    Good job Aussies.
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