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    hi guys i've tried the repeat speed thing in control panel,updated keyboard drivers, and still keep getting these crashes where the console opens and it loads a previous saved game.has anyone found a definitive answer?
    game patched to version 1.02 all spec more than enough to run game .
    driving me nuts please someone

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    i have the some problems!!

    damn. :D

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    nuxeman i finally fixed it and this may work for you. The problem was that the drivers werent installing properly what i did in the end was remove the drivers using add/remove programs in control panel. then i installed a new set of drivers (not drivers for a wireless keyboard)ie not the correct wireless drivers just any old ps2 drivers . then i rebooted uninstalled those drivers and then installed the proper drivers.
    I'm no expert but i think that the drivers wont uninstall properly until you put a new set of drivers in and something of the old drivers keeps getting rewritten.
    anyhow this worked for me as i have a clean game now
    let me know how you get on?
    hope this helps mate as i struggled for weeks with this problem


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