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Thread: Universal damage to governmental buildings

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    Default Universal damage to governmental buildings

    Hi folks,

    I recently ended a turn as the Hellenes, in 270 BC or thereabouts, and nearly all of my government (I, II, III and IV) buildings in 95% of my cities (my starting cities seemed immune) were were shown as 100% damaged. Interestingly enough, none of my cities seemed to be revolting more than they would be if the buildings were perfectly fine.

    Have any of you come across this problem before? Have you solutions to keep it from happening again?

    Since it seems to be having no ill effects, should I bother trying to repair all these?


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    Default Re: Universal damage to governmental buildings

    This happens when you load savegames with more than one faction. You need to quit RTW after playing a given faction and start the game fresh before loading a game with another faction. This is a bug in vanilla RTW which we cannot fix, but it is easily worked around.

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    Default Re: Universal damage to governmental buildings

    Great, thanks for the info!


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