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Thread: Pick unit for genral

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    Default Pick unit for genral

    Is there a file I can edit so every single unit is not a genral. I like to make so only certain units would be made a genral. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all.

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    This is hardcoded, so cannot be done. It is a good idea to keep an eye out for when heirs mature. I always stop all recruitment except for one unit of cavalry archers in the province I want the heir to appear. Cavarly Archers make good general's units because they stay out of the thick of the fight, unlike say Monks and No Dachi.

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    Ah, indeed. When you get annoyed by always getting your generals in Ashigaru units, do as Caraveloto sais. I use it too, when I'm not too lazy to keep an eye of my heirs. I like training for instance a HC general in Shinano.
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