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Thread: The Gallic Confederation of Tribes

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    Default The Gallic Confederation of Tribes

    Hello people, let me introduce my new Interactive History. This Interactive History will be different to others, and please, don't confuse this Interactive History with a Play by Email Multiplayer game. This game has the aim to achieve the objectives of the Imperial Campaign of Rome: Total War, that's conquering 50 provinces and Rome. The game I will be using its RTW version 1.3, no mods, Gauls in M/M.

    How does this game differs from a PbEM?

    The difference is that the readers can choose what to do according to my questions, but won't fight the battles or I will be swapping with others the game file. Still, the readers can choose how battles can be fought if they want to. They will be able to manage diplomacy, when other diplomat comes to me in the middle of a turn, I will post and they choose if they accept or not the offer, and can make a counter-proposal if needed.

    When will you start?

    I will start the next year (hey, its tomorrow! )

    Can I ask you a question?

    Of course you can! Just go ahead!

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    Default Re: The Gallic Confederation of Tribes

    Can I join?


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