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    Playing as the Byzantines in the Kingdoms expansion,when the 4th crusade attacked Constantinople and were destroyed as I had the city filed with a mixture of Varangians and archers,now what's left of them for some reason is wandering down my coastline and has just reached Trezibond. Anyone know what the hell the AI is doing,as all the cities in there path are well-garrisoned,they have no hope of taking any of them..

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    Sometimes the AI can be silly. Running small stacks around like chickens with there head cut off. I am usure why the crusaders went that way. If they are not a threat then I wouldn't worry too much about them. They could cause some devestation though if they stay in on spot too long. Better to end their misery.

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    From what I understand, they retreated in Asia Minor in their defeat. Are you holding the "fords" at Constantinople and further south ?

    If you do, then the Crusaders are only taking the long way home around the Black Sea...
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    Not exactly,but they aren't getting past my fortress of Trezibond as it's full of all kinds of heavy calvary,plus the mongols are roaming around that area,so they have a good chance of being destroyed if they keep wandering..


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