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    I've installed and reinstalled the trivial script twice and no matter what I do, I don't get a configuration menu, or a start button shortcut, or any of the things which you have said would appear in the threads on this topic previously. I've checked the available documentation and I can't figure it out, because there does not appear to be any documentation about installing the trivial script. I'm unwilling to pretend that I understand coding gibberish, so I'm going to come straight out and ask what it is that I am expected to do in order to make this trivial script work, and will it involve reinstalling the entirety of EB?

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    I don't know the Trivial Script too well as I haven't used it myself. However, you don't need it. You can make your own shortcut to start EB. The important switch in the target line is -mod:eb. There are a number of other threads about getting that to work, search them out.

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    Oh, that's not the problem. I can play EB. I just can't play custom battles or access the configuration menu. But thanks. :)

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    I had same problem but I have vista, I had to re-create all the shortcuts myself, I still get "preferences" menu missing messages.
    but the game works OK; even with alex.exe

    if you need to shortcut descriptions just send a message except preferences I could handle all shortcuts (I spent 1 hour to make the single player shortcut work on alex.exe now it works)
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