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Thread: help with rtw patch v1.5

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    Default help with rtw patch v1.5

    im installing rtw patch v1.5 before i download eb. it is a zip file, so where do i save it to? Thank you

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    Default Re: help with rtw patch v1.5

    Anywhere because the patch itself is bundled with a readme *inside* the zip file. So you will have to extract the contents of the zip file anyways, and then run the installer.
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    Default Re: help with rtw patch v1.5

    The easiest place to save it to is your desktop, you'll be able to find it easier than if you saved it to anywhere else.

    Make sure you first patch to 1.2, then 1.3, then 1.5, and not just 1.5, because the patches that come befoe it are important too.


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