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Thread: Rhegion and Taras?

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    Default Rhegion and Taras?

    Well im writing again,because of a problem,might even be a bug!
    I ve read that you need a type I gov to build the factional barracks with the romans.But what happens in Rhegion and Taras? I didnt get them! and its the second game ive started (the first i deleted since i thought it was my fault i didnt get my faction troops there).
    So what is the problem...I get them everywhere else there is a homeland resource,except those 2
    After doing some reading on these forums i guess that is the way it was meant to be ;((
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    Default Re: Rhegion and Taras?

    You can't recruit any troops there until either the Marian or Polybian reforms.
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    Default Re: Rhegion and Taras?

    And read the FAQ for more information (see important information thread).

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    Default Re: Rhegion and Taras?

    Even better, read the FAQ before posting the question. Or just use the forum search tool. You usually find that at least one person has asked the question before. Just helps to keep the forum tidy. Not that I care particulary, just friendly advice.
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    Default Re: Rhegion and Taras?

    As the Romans you can only build factional barracks in your starting cities plus Segesta in the Camilian Era. Then, you can only build factional barracks in places with Type1 governments in the Polybian Era. Everywhere in the Marian and Augustan Eras.


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