Hi guys,

Question 1 - Going to start another AS Campaign. So the main issue which I think cripples AS so early on, well financially anyway is corruption with can go over 10K a turn.

So obvious solutions to corruption is build structures that give law bonuses. Then main ones for this I think is temples. So I build the following temples in all settlements -

Atargatis (farming)

* Shrine
+1 Happiness
+1 Law
* Small Temple
+2 Happiness
+1 Law
+1 Trade
* Temple
+3 Happiness
+2 Law
+1 Trade
* Large Temple
+4 Happiness
+3 Law
+2 Trade
* Wondrous Temple
+4 Happiness
+4 Law
+3 Trade

Now I know it does not give the highest law bonus but other temples which give =5 law on give moral boosts also which is a bit naff for +1 law to sacrifice +4 happiness & +3 trade. Anyhow can anyone give me any other ways to reduce corruption... obviously other than placing a general in the city who give a huge law bonus via traits.

Question 2 - Where any major changes made to temple bonuses from 1.1 - 1.2?

Question 3 - What exactly does public order bonuses given by some buildings actually mean/do?