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Thread: The Scourge of Ephesus

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    Default The Scourge of Ephesus

    Taormina - three years ago.

    Bernard saw the boat with Manfredo leaving the island. Ignoring the pain of a broken arm, leg and four ribs, he yelled at the ship:
    "I will get you, Manfredo! I will find you and I will cut you in thousand little pieces! One day, Bernard will get his revenge!"


    The old City of Ephesus - Turkey - Present.

    5.00 pm - near the old Celsus Library

    Several years had passed since the events in Taormina.

    An old man was giving an explanation to the last group of tourists near the well preserved remnants of the ancient library of Celsus, in the Ancient City of Ephesus.

    Manfredo, aged 60 now, was listening to the explanation of the old man and tried to imagine himself how this building once contained between 12.000 and 15.000 scrolls.

    When the old man told about the secret and hidden corridor that once connected the library with a nearby brothel, as to allow the ancient scientists and philosophers to discretely discover some more earthly pleasures, the audience laughed.

    At the same moment, Manfredo, warned by some sort of a sixth sense and incredible reflexes, qualities which saved his life more then once during his career as a hitman, could duck away just in time, avoiding the bullet.

    The tourists and the guide yelled and panicked. They ran away, looking for cover.


    I hereby invite you to join my latest large mafia game, The Scourge of Ephesus (The revenge of Bernard).

    Set in the ancient City of Ephesus, in sunny Turkey.

    Will the psychopatic serial killer Bernard get his revenge? And just how hot exactly is his niece, Isabelle?

    Will Manfredo manage to escape?

    What about the two mafiosi? Are they going to slaughter each and everyone of the tourists or will they quietly escape this mess?

    Be part of the drama!

    You can sign in HERE.

    The first 15 to do so will get a free cookie

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    Default Re: The Scourge of Ephesus



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