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Thread: Big Map Mods: Is their a basic one?

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    Default Big Map Mods: Is their a basic one?

    Hello eveyone,

    I just downloaded the Grand Kingdoms mod, and its great, but at the same time, dissapointing. I like the huge campaign map and realistic time, but I want to play it without the expansion factions. So kinda like the Kingdoms balance, but without kingdoms units or factions, on a really huge map. So is there a mod like that? Im not trying to diss on these peoples mods, but trying to find the mod described above.

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    Default Re: Big Map Mods: Is their a basic one?

    Regions and Provinces, Big Map version is probably your best bet. It adds in 80 or so new regions, increases the zoom level of the map, and generally expands the game and makes it last longer.

    It doesn't, however, have any Kingdom's features as far as I know. I don't play the latest version though, because I dislike the factions they added in.

    Here's a link to get you started. Check it out, and see if it's the sort of thing you want.

    Personally it's my favourite mod. All the extra cities really make the game feel deeper and longer.

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