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    Smile Unit Names


    I like the EB mod very much, but i have one question: Where can I find a list of the names of the units in the game and in the 'export_descr_unit' file?

    For example, I want to change that some other cultures can train the 'Thorakitai Agematos Basilikou' (I think in English this are the 'Seleukid Elite Spearmans'..?) , but I can't find them in the 'export_descr_unit', so I think they have an other name in this file...

    So is there anywhere a list? If no, it would be nice if someone can tell me only the name of the Thorakitai Agematos Basilikou in the file :)

    Best regards

    /e: Is it maybe the name 'hellenistic_infantry_thorakitai_argyraspidai'?
    Thanks in advance!
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    Yest they are 'hellenistic_infantry_thorakitai_argyraspidai'. To change their recruitment you have to mod proper barracks section in export_descr_building.txt as well as export_descr_units. If you'r using TrivialScript to start EB remember to mod EDU located in SP folder not the one in Data folder.

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    Ok, thank you for your tipps and help! :-)


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