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    This really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really annoys me (the amount of really's shows my frustration), let me set the scene.

    I'm assaulting a city. Approaching from the east and west with two battering rams and equal amounts of my army on both sides. I have hoplatai manning the two rams and two units of velites backing each ram up. We approach the gates and cause 50-100 casualties from my velites on the enemy hoplites on the opposite side of each of their gates. Now as soon as the gates are breached, I make my hoplites drop the rams and charge through the gates and assault the units on the other side. Now this is the annoyance...

    After about 5 minutes of fighting at the gates, I send in some spanish mercenaries to back up the east gate, as my hoplites there are getting a hammering as they have attracted about 4 different enemy units to themselves. For some reason however, they don't want to go through the gate? Every time I click for them to attack the units, they just mill around the gate entrance and don't do anything. All-the-while my hoplites are losing men and are close to routing.

    My game is still running and the above description is as far as I have got, if anyone's got any tips for my current assault or future ones, please respond quickly.


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    Try clicking behind the hoplites or dragging with the right mouse inside the walls.
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    Sounds like a pathing problem. This usually happens when most of the unit is on the ground but 1 man or moreis left on the walls. Basically do as above poster stated or click on any piece of ground not occupied by an enemy unit.
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