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Thread: Who's interested in a mod pack in BI.exe

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    Default Who's interested in a mod pack in BI.exe

    I'm... thinking I could maybe perhaps find force of will if there are many supporters
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    Default Re: Who's interested in a mod pack in BI.exe

    I use your mod pack on BI.exe and it works perfectly. But if others are having trouble I guess it would be nice to make one.

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    Default AW: Who's interested in a mod pack in BI.exe

    Naaah, only use the real deal! Alex.exe 4life

    No really, I think you should keep focusing on your alex mod. That's enough work for one man and it's better to do one thing really good than two half-hearted ones.

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    Default Re: Who's interested in a mod pack in BI.exe

    I'm on the fence on this one. I've done some work on my installer so that it can be installed on top of existing RTW mods, with some notable exceptions. I could make it so that no mod pack for BI would even be necessary--you would just install my installer last and everything would "just work". Please click on the link in my sig, and look near the bottom of the first post to see my notes on compatability issues.
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    Default Re: Who's interested in a mod pack in BI.exe

    I would for sure give it a chance.
    My EB runs with your Modpack for Rome.exe, CityMod 5.1 and Ferromancers EB for BI.
    It's nearly stable at the moment (Qart'Hadastim campaign, 229 BC; only 2 CTD's after battles so far, maybe they were caused by saving directly before the battle), but a complete "all-in-one"-Installation would be quite cool.
    And I don't have any intention to change to Alex.exe (mainly because I don't have it... ).

    Oh, before I forget again to mention: I really like your Modpack.
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    Default Re: Who's interested in a mod pack in BI.exe

    Alex forever and ı will not kill LZ3
    Your mod works best on alex man but I had tried with BI also np it had.
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