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Thread: CTD every time I engage a battle

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    Default CTD every time I engage a battle

    If I autoresolve, the game will run smooth, if I choose to fight the game will ctd. I can reload the game and fight the battle (I always save prior to a battle), but the game won't run the script till after the battle is over. The save point begins at the challenge screen, and after I fight the battle then I can turn on the script.

    I'm playing the romans, ctds happen during my iberian invasion.

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    Default Re: CTD every time I engage a battle

    Don't save while on the challange screen. It may cause CTD's.

    Install the fixes if you haven't already.

    Quit the game every 2 or 3 hours to kill the memory leak RTW suffers (and which causes CTD's).

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