Hi Tech experts,
I'm in the market for upgrading my current PC. In fact I'm going to to totally rebuild it. I need a new CPU, MOBO, Gfx card, RAM and no doubt a new Power supply (as I'm currently on 300w).
I'm on a budget unfortunately so can't afford Intel extreme etc. So far I've concluded the Intel E8500 is a good value high performance dual core CPU thats perfectly suitable for gaming. I'm also considering the Nvidia GeForce 9600 gfx card again becuase it represents good value for performance etc.
I'm unsure however what would be a good Motherboard. My initial reading suggests Crossfire compatible MOBO's can have slight issue's when running OpenGL games and application without a crossfire profile.... So I'm tending towards a motherboard that either does not use multi GPU technology or that uses SLI. However a second Gfx card is something for the future which begs the question if I'll get more for power my money with a non SLI motherboard in the short term. My budget for a new MOBO is a measly £80.
If anyone can help and offer a few alternative's I'll be most grateful