hi, sorry my engish

I dont want to modify original units

im a professional 3d modeller and i want to make my own unit, i think SPEARMAN.MESH is the original pack unit rigth? so i made my model and export to .MESH (i dont know how, maybe whit the plugins in some place) whit the same name as the original SPEARMAN.MESH

How many polys have to be my model?
what size the texture would be? 256x256?
and how insert my new unit whit his textures into de game back again? HOW REPLACE the original unit SPEARMAN.MESH whit my own unit, and the texture and the animation, HOW merge with the unit back to the original game. I supoust it is not only replace the original name SPEARMAN.MSH no?

i made model whit texture whit bones and with animation HOW MERGE AGAIN in to the game??