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    im the english and im on turn 52 and i still havent taken france or denmark. i have scotland and ireland but everytime i go after france i get threatened with excommunication. i took angers but paris is well prepared for siege and the pope give me 4 turns to leave france alone but paris takes 7 turns to besiege. anyway around pope? if im excommunicated im guessing ill have a crusade sent my way if i so anymore to piss him off? im taking my time and trying to stay honorable towards the pope but im in disfavor. help :) how can i continue my attacks without being excommunicated

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    Put a siege machine in your army. You could train two stacks with each one catapult. One stack will later become the garrison of Paris and the other is the attacking force. Once the mission of the pope is over attack with both stacks simultaneously. Don't build siege equipment but use your catapults to blow a hole in the wall. The other army won't be much of a help so you need to have one strong attacking army, strong enough to do the job. Once Paris is occupied with your second army retrain your first army and train a second garrison. You have now probably some time because the pope has told you to back of for some time and after he is satisfied ..... well start over again with the next city.
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