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Thread: All by generals have been slain by sabeans

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    Default All by generals have been slain by sabeans

    They all have this trait, it says they are dead even though they seem to be alive. I am Carthage if it matters.

    One other thing, my minimap seems to suggest that the rebels have a piece of my land, my they don't, if you see what i mean.

    Edit: I've been reading other threads and now know what has caused the problem, if i carry on, and ignore these issues, will the rest of the game play out like normal?

    Edit 2: I can see now things won't play out like normal, i can now recruit macedonian hoplites in the middle of Africa, Thanks for the new version of this great game anyway
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    Default Re: All by generals have been slain by sabeans

    U did something wrong with the installation order. U need Rtw 1.5 then EB 1.1 and afterwards EB 1.2 Update and then any other submod. Am i right?

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    Default Re: All by generals have been slain by sabeans

    No, you're wrong. Falc is right. Not savegame compatible.
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