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Thread: Marian reform in the game

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    Default Marian reform in the game

    Hi I know that these rules are needed for marian reform:
    -At least the year 172BC
    -Have more than 6 Latifundia built in Italy
    -Hold at least 45 settlements
    -Fight more than 250 battles
    -Have a character that is:
    Consul or Ex-Consul
    Has Influence > 2
    Has Command > 2
    -Conquer 90 settlements.
    But I have done it and nothing matters, my Faction leader was consul, i have 76 regions controlled,8 Latifundia in Italy and about 300 battles and 168 BC year of course. My previously character has "Potentional reformator" but it was in the year 185 BC and he died.. :(
    This new one guy must have Command 2(stars) or bigger (>=) or just (>) so 3 stars. Becase sometimes he has got 2 stars, but session before he has got 4 ( some bloody traits ) but when he is in battlescreen it shows about 5 and more. My question is if it cause, that the Marian reform doesn't appear.
    Thanks a lot :)

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    Talking Re: Marian reform in the game

    Personally, if I were you I would shoot straight for the 90 settlements if youve gotten that far already, I like to use diplomats and bribe everyone. I play a little differently, when I first got EB I cheated and went straight to the marian reform by bribing all the settlements, I only had to do it once and it only took a couple hours, then I deleted all my units except for the ones in rome, I didnt let anyone revolt because that would cause a CTD, but.... I would wait till I was underseige and just retire my units, then I would leave just rome with two commanders and two cohorts and save the game....then whenever I want to play as rome, I start with the cohorts and just rome. Its nice because you have decent units and with only one place and hardly any money it provides a challenge, Im a glutton for the cohorts as the romani, but I have never been able to get to te Augustan Reforms, I either get sick of trying, or just dont care cause it takes SOOOO long....but it would be cool to get the awesome looking cavalry and the archers....
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