So I have this shiningy true roman who is supposed to conquere all Gaul and Germania for me. He was chosen to do so (rp wise), but on the way up to the north I found out that my true great conquerer has turned into a beauty loving (Aesthetic) day-dreamer who actually stands up to drink some hard liquor.
I can't let that stand and like to edit that stuff out. While having found the actuall answer here; I soon was to discover that the Romans use stupid Internal names.
Now my Marcus wont show up on either Marcvs nor MarcvsA-K, hence I cannot edit him.

Now the question is, is there a way to work around that? Can I change the name of him someway so I might edit that out? I'm sure the must be some way, but after 2 hours of searching and trying, I give up and hope that a shiny knight in this forum comes to rescue my pink loving drunken general.

No, rehab is not an option.