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Thread: Making the romano britain start

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    Question Making the romano britain start

    Is it possible to make Romano Britain have a starting area or is it hardcoded to appear? If it is possible what is the must bits that have to be changed.

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    You can make them start the game as a regular faction. Just edit Descr_Strat and give them at least one territory, family members, etc... The same as any other faction.
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    you also need to remove or preferably rename the 'britain' resource in export_descr_buildings.txt and descr_regions.txt.

    the 'britain' hidden resource is part of the hardcoded trigger that normally makes them emerge, failure to remove / re-name the resource will result in CTD if the emergence is triggered when the romano british are already on the map.
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    And the spawned_on_event tag in descr_sm_factions. :)

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    Thanks Makanyane and Aradan. To SubRosa i know what u said but i was asking more for what Makanyane and Aradan said.


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