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Thread: Mori v Multi-coloured Horde

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    My Mori campaign has bogged down in the usual battle against the Horde with my brave Red Warriors defending Mino and Hida against repeated Horde assaults.

    However, this has been different to every other horde encounter I have had.

    First, after defending Mino against the purple Hojo horde for a couple of turns. Lord Uesegi managed to kill presumably with a Ninja and inhereted his entire army.

    The Blue Horde stopped attacking Mino and began assaulting Hida instead.

    Then I managed to kill Lord Uesugi in battle and his ally Lord Imagawa inhereted the horde.

    But Lord Imagawa has a completely different strategy for the horde. Whereas both Hojo and Uesugi launched massed assaults on a single province Imagawa seems to prefer limted assaults on multiple provinces so that last turn I found both Mino, Hida and Buzen under attack from armies of less than 2,000 men rather than a single attakc with an army of 5,000+.

    Anyone noticed this diffence in strategies before?
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    Well I think the Imagawa is better/worse strategy.Maybe it is the way the honour??(Lord Tokugawa)

    And no honour for Hojo...*Shrug* Because the farmer Ashis dudes.

    I really dont like Lord Iyasu Tokugawa +3 hes a mean dude. Its more honour
    for the Archers +1 plus hes river too! Wow +4 honour...Yikes!

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    Hm.....could somebody tell me whats "horde" mean in STW??

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    Well the Horde is were the other clans build up a heap of units. Normally a couple of thousand troops and more.

    I have never faced it so this is what I have read.

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