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Thread: Recommended mini-mods/mod mods

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    Default Recommended mini-mods/mod mods

    I have messed around with several of the mini mods here but I am curious to know, which are highly recommended?

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    Default Re: Recommended mini-mods/mod mods

    Depends on how you play EB, do you like to role play for example?

    The Minimod pack by Lz13 pretty much covers the best mods.
    I particularly like the City mod, Allied legions, Forced Diplomacy and AI formations, but I like to role play Romano-Hellenic campaigns. And for role playing forced diplomacy is a must, though save often as it can cause a few CTD's.
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    Default Re: Recommended mini-mods/mod mods

    Even depends on which .exe you like to use.
    I prefer BI.exe so I use Ferromancers EB for BI. The naval invasions add further challenge.
    If you own the Rome addon "Alexander" you could also switch to Alex.exe. I don't have it so I don't use it. I heard that with Alex the AI factions retrain their troops... not so sure if I would want that. *thinks about Qart'Hadast fullstacks containing gold chevroned Pikemen, Sacred Bands or/and elephants... and gets terrified*
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