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Thread: The Battle of Apulia

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    Default The Battle of Apulia

    The Battle of Apulia
    1182 AD

    This is the organization thread for the PvP Battle of Apulia, between Helarionas Anargiros (YLC) and Markos ek Sinopis (TheFlax). At the agreement of both players, the battle will be fought via multiplayer. I recommend that both players print out the text of this post before fighting the battle.

    The units can be perfectly represented by having Helarionas Anargiros (YLC) play as Byzantium and Markos ek Sinopis (TheFlax) play as Hungary. Both armies have a couple units that are slightly depleted, which cannot be represented in the battle, so both sides will receive fully topped up units to compensate.

    The relevant battle stats of the two avatars are as follows:
    Helarionas Anargiros (YLC):
    3 Command
    1 Chivalry
    +1 Morale from traits

    Markos ek Sinopis (TheFlax):
    1 Command
    +3 Morale from traits

    According to info in the Citadel, each point of Command and Chivalry adds +1 to morale. So, the above stats essentially boil down to +5 morale for YLC and +4 morale for TheFlax. This is essentially just a +1 bonus for YLC over TheFlax. Morale bonuses cannot be added on in these battles, so I have chosen to represent YLC's point of advantage in morale by giving all of his units 1 extra chevron of experience. As he has the weaker army anyway, I believe this is fair.

    The battle must be setup exactly as follows:

    Game Type: Last Man Standing
    Time of Day: Morning
    Time Limit: No Time Limit
    Settlement: None
    Period: All
    Map: Greek Mountains

    Markos ek Sinopis (TheFlax):
    Play as Hungary, 10000 florins (default)
    1 General's Bodyguard w/ 2 Bronze Chevrons
    1 Slav Levies (perfect stat substitute for Byzantine Town Militia)
    1 Slav Levies w/ 1 Bronze Chevron (perfect stat substitute for Slav Mercenaries)
    2 Prussian Spearmen w/ 1 Bronze Chevron
    1 Slav Levies w/ Bronze Weapon Upgrade (perfect stat substitute for Byzantine Spearmen)
    1 Crossbowmen w/ 1 Bronze Chevron (perfect stat substitute for Mercenary Crossbowmen)
    1 Feudal Knights w/ 1 Bronze Chevron (perfect stat substitute for Mercenary Frankish Knights)
    2 Macemen
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Helarionas Anargiros (YLC):
    Play as Byzantine Empire, 10000 florins (default)
    1 General's Bodyguard w/ 2 Silver Chevrons
    3 Town Militia w/ 1 Bronze Chevron
    2 Spear Militia w/ 1 Bronze Chevron
    1 Militia Cavalry w/ 2 Bronze Chevrons
    1 Skythikon w/ 1 Bronze Chevron and Bronze Armor Upgrade
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    1) The Genera's Bodyguard unit represents your in-game avatar. The fate of the Captain will be the fate of your avatar. If the Captain of one side is captured or killed in the MP battle, that avatar will be captured for LOTR purposes. If both Captains are captured or killed in the MP battle, the side that eventually wins the battle will end up capturing the avatar of the other army for LOTR purposes. If one side captures or kills the other Captain and then successfully withdraws with their Captain still alive, they will have lost the battle, but captured their opponent's avatar for LOTR purposes.

    2) Under no circumstances will either of the avatars be killed in LOTR as a result of the battle, regardless of what happens in the MP battle. However, if an avatar is captured for LOTR purposes, his captor CAN choose to execute him at any point while he is in captivity.

    3) No units may be withdrawn from battle until 5 minutes have passed. After 5 minutes, either side can withdraw units from the battle whenever they want. If the Captain of the withdrawing side escapes, he will be allowed the privilege of moving first in the next in-game turn.

    4) Casualties in the MP battle will be represented in LOTR by disbanding and/or merging units.

    5) Traits may or may not be altered on the two avatars if such a change is felt to be warranted based on the events that occurred in the MP battle.

    Reporting the Results:
    Please report the results in a few ways:
    1) Screenshots of the final stats summaries, including both the overview and the individual unit losses.
    2) A brief written summary of what happened, particularly whether either Captain was killed/captured and whether anyone successfully withdrew from the battle (and if so, which units escaped).
    3) Please save the recording of the battle and upload it. If it works properly, it will provide great entertainment for everyone and allow me to figure out very well how to translate the results into LOTR itself.

    Good luck and have fun!
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    Default Re: The Battle of Apulia

    A slight correction.

    As Multiplayer battles will not allow units over three bronze chevrons, YLC's avatar is at a disadvantage. To make up for this, his avatar will receive the weapon and armor upgrade, in addition to having the MP-maximum three bronze chevrons.

    The rest of the units will be unaltered.
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    Default Re: The Battle of Apulia


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Battle in brief: A chaotic advance by Markos, followed by an uphill charge, all the while peppered by arrows, led to a massive rout of loyalist forces. Markos himself was captured and his bodyguard annihilated. (More detailed account to come.)
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    Default Re: The Battle of Apulia

    So what does one do exactly to get this .rpy file to play?

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    Default Re: The Battle of Apulia

    Extract it to the "replays" file in your Stainless Steel mod folder (you can create one by just making a folder by the name or playing a quick custom battle and saving the replay). Once you start the game choose "load game" and there's an option to "load battle replay".
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