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Thread: Game locking up in coast battles

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    Default Game locking up in coast battles

    Hello, I've been playing EB for about a year or so now and it has become my favorite mod over time.
    Now I have been able to play around the occasional CTD error but this one is different and getting annoying.
    It seems battles that take place on coastal tiles that have the armies literally fight on the coast are locking the game up. This has happened as I played with Makedon and had to fight on the coastal tile just west of Alexandria and the coastal tile south of Thermon when I've played as KH.

    It only happens when the battle is ON the coast, so that part of the deployment area is blocked by the water. The battle loads fine and I am able to place my units, however the moment I press end deployment the enemy appears and the game locks up. There is no way out of this frozen screen and I have to Alt-tab out to end task. Sometimes the battles take place on the AI's turn then crashes, so I get back in and try again without the script running, same thing happens. (Note that I am using the EB mini-mod pack so that might be it right there.)

    This has happened on another tile but I cant remember which so I'm starting to think its on all coastal tiles. Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem?
    BTW I'm using Alex.exe, so again, it might be a problem with that and not vanilla EB.

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    Default Re: Game locking up in coast battles

    Yes, this is a problem in certain coast tiles. Our mapper has been mostly inactive for long, so this isn't something we're going to fix. You'll have to autoresolve these battles or fight it in another spot (you can teleport the enemy army 1 tile away with the console, for instance).

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