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    Default Installation question

    I'm trying to reinstall EB on my pc, but im not sure whether it not i can due to where the rome folder is.

    I installed Rome in program files and even though my pc doesnt run vista, when i try to install EB there the installer warns me that installin EB in program files isnt recommended. i dont want to uninstall it somewhere else since ive got BI and mods for that installed, but id like to install EB too.

    does that fact that im runnin XP with a vista 'looking' interface mean that it would be alright to install EB in the program files then?
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    Default Re: Installation question

    I got that to. Just install normally, doesn't make a difference, just probably recommended for Vista users.

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    Default Re: Installation question

    Yes ignore that warning. It warned me and im still playing:D

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    cheers, i went ahead and installed. unfortuanetly, due to me fiddling about with stuff theres been a slight mix up with the EB single player properties, and i changed the target command to

    "C:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War\RomeTW.exe"

    in the hope that it would work, but now it directly plays vanilla. what do i need to change so that it plays EB instead? cheers for helpin out with this ridiculous mistake

    EDIT- problem all solved, cheers for the help, this thread can be closed now
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    Hey, I installed EB but I can't run it.
    Every time I click on "EB Play", vanilla RTW starts.

    Am I missing something?
    Do I need to install BI to play EB?

    Also, I installed EB 1.1, and EB 1.2 on top of it, not in the EB folder.
    Did I do it right?


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    Default Re: Installation question

    Make sure you have installed EB in the same folder as RTW.

    Try adding -mod:EB to your EB shortcut if it isn't already there.

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