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Dark Vacuum


The Jovian Combine Ship the Ravager is ambushed on a routine patrol through Combine space. The Fleet Captain Ivan Ostranovii orders a brilliant tactical withdrawal by using fighters lead by his son Lieutenant Grigorii Ostranovii and quick maneuvers to evade the Earth Colony Directorate strike craft, even with a malfunctioning reactor and damaged engines. But at least 3 boarding craft manages to dock to the Ravager before it manages to escape deep into Combine territory, and it is only through luck that the ECD marines are overpowered.

The Ravager jumps to the Lonely Haven, as suggested by Grigorii, a massive Mobile Construction yard/Dockyard that easily dwarfs the Dreadnought class Ravager. All attempts to hail the Haven fail, and the Ravager docks to investigate, and put into affect repairs so the Ravager can reliably and safely make it home.

Upon investigation though, it seems the ten thousand+ strong crew of the Haven have committed mass murder/suicide, and all signs (the impossible deaths/suicides, massive blood paintings, macabre "redecorating", blood writing in backwards Latin, etc.) point to Nephilim influence

There could be still Nephilim spawn on the Haven...

A hasty retreat is made back to the Ravager, but before they can escape, someone on the Ravager locks the her in for a full repair and system overhaul - which will take days to complete thanks to the extensive damage done to the Ravager. Since the Repair procedure turns all but critical systems off on the Ravager for safety reasons, the crew are stuck. Captain Ivan, realizing the situation him and all aboard were in, begins an investigation to find the Nephilim onboard his ship, and asks that the ECD marines help.

And so the inquisition begins in earnest, and all those deemed by democratic vote (for a Jovian knows no other way then the democratic, socialist way) suspects will be terminated with extreme prejudice until the threat is eliminated - one cannot take chances or be gentle with a Nephilim. But in the shadows, a group of ECD marines and JCS crewmates stir. Their is something eerie about them, for they are the Operatives - Psionic Agents devoted to eradicating the Nephilim threat at any cost, and they have been tracking one of the Nephilim who has been hiding aboard the Ravager for sometime - for it was they who organized the assault on the Ravager to get to the Nephilim and eradicate those tainted with it's presence. But they have gained more then they bargained for now, and they have been put at an unexpected disadvantage...

So who will win? The Crewmen and the Marines? The Operatives? or the Vile Nephilim? Hehehee...


Be part of the drama in this sci-fi themed large mafia game hosted by the famous YLC.

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