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    hey all

    i purchased shogun awhile ago, played it to death and subsequently uninstalled it. In the meantime, about 1 year later, i have a urging to play shogun again, but I have lost my case with CD2 in it! I have a battered CD1, which works as far as...the serial key screen. I am not some video game pirater, but I cant play the game as I have lost the CD Case. I have an offical box AND CD1, but I cant pass the install screen...anyone know what I can do?

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    Well, there is a new version of STW due out in the very near future; maybe you should just wait and get the new version when it is released? In the mean time try posting in the tech support forum, but I'm pretty sure that they will tell you that there isn't much that you can do. -Sorry.

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    If you have the original box, you can convince EA you indeed have the original game ( , was it not?), and thus get a new CD key, but I doubt they'll supply you with a new CD 2. Which is absolutely required. So tough luck.
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    Maybe someone with a cd rewriter could copy dc2 and send it to you.... If you ask it nice here, and r willing to pay, im sure someone will help (not me, my cd rewriter has been broken for over 2 months, but no time/mood to fix it)


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