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Thread: More buildings appear on battle map

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    Default More buildings appear on battle map


    there are many new buildings in EB but I think only a few have a model placed in the city (the MICs, temples, schools, arenas, some health buildings, markets and the blacksmith do so), but many of the new don't appear there. I know it's very difficult to add new buildings because you have to type in many digits for it to set their position but there are some buildings which are not used anymore and can used as new ones. Maybe it's also not too difficult to retexture some of them so they fit more.
    For example I saw that the common barracks model isn't used in Pahlava for one of the MICs, so it's ground could be retextured and the building could be implemented as the Persian Gardens.
    I'm always happy about other suggestions :)

    Would this all be possible?
    And does somebody know what to do if you want to add complete new buildings to the battle map, like a hospital or the Augurum Collegium?

    Thanks for your answers


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    Default Re: More buildings appear on battle map

    This is one of the most difficult things to mod in RTW.
    I tried to mod buildings once but it is very complex and I couldn't find anyone who could explain all of it.

    Even editting whether an existing model appears in a town is difficult because of the town setup files.
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